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Thread: Where is best place to buy Adobe software?

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    Smile Adobe software

    Hi, Thanks for the reassurance, hope everything is going well with your business. I will be ordering my copy tommorow.

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    Glad my experience was helpful. I know I racked my brains for months trying to find the best option. Good luck with your idea.


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    interesting reading

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    Sorry to rain on any parades, but the thing which puts me off buying from abroad is the tax...
    DHL | Duties and Taxes | English

    Some sites say to add 30% to the price of any imported goods, including software, for tax!

    I imagine nobody actually pays this since ebay started, but it would be great to know if you've had any issues over this, or what HMRC say about your purchase.

    I realise I am a bit late to this thread, 1.5 yrs, but if anybody can refute my unhappy theory here then I too might buy from uktechstore.



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    Whenever I have purchased goods and had them shipped from overseas, I have always been charged by customs. That's my experience!
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    I have only ordered the one cope of CS4 web premium from overseas, so i am not an expert. But, i didn't pay a penny for customs, taxes, etc....just the fee the UKTechstore charged me.

    btw, I dont even know if they still exist (it will take me a lifetime to learn/justify buying the software i did), but they were very helpful to deal with.

    also, the main reason i replied to this email is that even though im not in the market for any software/etc, i know it meant a lot to me when i was fretting over where to spend my hard earned cash on CS4.

    email, phone, contact the company you do go with until you feel comfortable. but have no doubts that the UK prices are absurd compared to north american prices. i'll ALWAYS buy from north america - same software. exactly the same.

    good luck though.

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    In india its available for cheam rates... and also you can buy it from online.. ( less price). In my opinion buy it from online.. i buyed it from india and its working perfectly..

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    Thanks so much for having this thread put up - i have been debating the same thing as I am also starting my own business. It's good to hear that US software works over here because it's hard enough paying for everything else that comes with starting up without also knowing that you're getting ripped off by adobe.

    i have been looking on ebay and amazon so it will be one of them I think i'll buy from. although i'm now gonna check out uktechstore

    thanks so much

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    Are you registering this in the UK (ie with a UK-based address?) - even the email (if used to collect an authorisation code, perhaps).
    It seems to be a general Rule that US software is cheap until it's Exported; then the price appears to double for no obvious reason = it's not as though they need to translate the whole package ( only minor Keyboard changes, which should be done by the OS).....
    Supporting an office in the UK is probably quite expensive, but they don't need to do this - I would suspect the "problems" are exactly the same as experienced in America - mostly shortcomings of the interface, for example.

    Maybe the same applies to Hardware like Cameras...Yikes!

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    UKTechStore... 100% satisfied in spite of the courier. I feel guilty for doubting them and am posting this everywhere.

    As an Apple-ite of more than ten years, I am guilty of always being suspicious when getting a bargain. When it comes to technology, my purchases have to be charged at a premium... If I'm not being ripped off on price and taken to the cleaners, then I'm not comfortable with what I doubt is a legitimate copy.

    I want whatever product it is, served up to me by a polite young nerd who wears a Superdry/Abercrombie sponsorship, like I wear cynicism. The kind of kid who's got a face that I can recall and hunt down if anything goes wrong... My computer related purchases need to be picked up from one of those aluminium clad temples, we see erected monthly in every major city as tributes to the Apple god, somewhere familiar, nearby and above all, accessible.
    This is how I shopped for tech previously and in retrospect... I was a moron. How much money have I wasted on perception?

    Our PC cousins by nature are foragers... They go trawling the net like militant pathfinders, picking scents up on deals with the same ease, as I use breathing... Using every available source at their disposal to keep their ramshackle notebooks and desktops ahead of the curve, not having to wait bi-annually for serious increments in performance. They're an inventive, eccentric lot that look beyond the veneer of style over substance purchases... Well in most part.
    UKTechStore seemed a bit suspect for this Anglo Saxon, Bucks resident, but I liked the way their sales team (Tom Horwood in this case), responded to my emails and I let my instincts and my bank account dictate, that I could afford to take the plunge on a copy of CS6 Master Collection and if it didn't arrive, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

    Some guy here in the UK, tried selling me a copy of this software for 3000 and by comparison, the 1500 I was being charged for the boxed edition at UKTechStore seemed like a no brainer.
    I made the order Thursday, they took the money out of my bank on a Monday and I'd installed everything Master Collection related and registered with Adobe on Tuesday. What was the downside of this purchase??? Got to give a bit of balance... FedEx aren't the most dexterous handlers of official Adobe branded cardboard packaging. I can understand why some other online retailers, repackage these items in plastic cases, as there is the worry of potential damage. UKTechStore does not adhere to this, as they prolly want you to know, you're getting the official goods from the ground up.

    Product was as advertised, registered with Adobe and had zero probs. Delivery was expedient and beyond my expectations and the service, via email was friendly and helpful. I didn't have a chance to track my parcel as it arrived before the thought occurred to me.
    Great stuff from a great team.

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