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Thread: Where is best place to buy Adobe software?

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    Default Where is best place to buy Adobe software?


    I live in the UK, and need to buy Adobe Web Premium CS4.

    I have been searching the internet for a reasonable deal, and have looked at everything from the official Adobe store (1,374) right to a shop called (799 but it's based in Canada i think).

    I'm starting a business and need authentic software, but would also like to find a good price.

    Would Adobe software from Canada work on my UK Mac? Would I be able to upgrade from Adobe in the UK when CS5 arrived?

    I'm a total novice (if you can't tell), and am desperate for advice.

    Any suggestions as to where I should make my purchase?


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    You should be ok with buying it from Canada.

    I've also found this site CS4 PC Suites Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium

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    Quote Originally Posted by smifis View Post
    You should be ok with buying it from Canada.

    I've also found this site CS4 PC Suites Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium

    thanks very much for replying. i've done a lot of research online and have even phoned adobe, but cannot seem to relax as the price seems to good to be true.

    adobe said if it's english language edition it will work fine in uk, even if it comes from another country but they still put doubt in my mind by saying 'but you're better off buying directly from us, as that way you'll know it works.'


    i was on an adobe forum, and apparantly someone working for 'adobe' said software from usa/canada will NOT work on uk computers and you can't buy upgrades, etc.....

    i'm just really confused. i have an imac which i bought about 6 months ago, and the system requirements for north american adobe software seem to match up with my computer.

    i know that with a north american copy of adobe web premium cs4 i'd either have to give up the
    technical support or use the north american support line (depending on who you believe).

    can anybody add anything, good or bad, to the subject.

    bloody online shopping!! arrgggghhh!

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    i guess it all boils down to me being skeptical with low prices. i can't help it!

    i phoned adobe who said as long as it's an english language version - it will work in the uk.

    i phoned uktechstore, and the guy i spoke to was understanding of my feelings, explained how they work, and seemed believable.

    i suppose i just want to hear more people experiences installing software from abroad on their computer in the uk. it's such a big investment for me, and i don't want to be disappointed.


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    Well as far as i know the physical data on the disks are the same worldwide and the only thing they change it the writing on the cd itself and the box. the thing you are actually paying for is the CD key on the side. If 6you download a trial from adobe's website you can enter the key of the side and it will accept it.

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    thanks again for replying.

    my brother-in-law lives in toronto. he is going to download a north american trial of photoshop from the adobe site, and send it to me.

    he thinks that if it works, then adobe products purchased from north america WILL work in uk.

    i hope so.

    my other concern was upgrading. i hope the serial number will allow me to upgrade from the uk adobe site if/when cs5 arrives and i need it.

    when i've tried it, i'll post the results.

    if only adobe's uk pricing was more reasonable, this wouldn't be an issue, and i would have no issue's with the company and able to focus only on enjoying great software.

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    was just on site and they've put cost of cs4 web premium up to 1,512.

    how they can expect a small start-up business to pay 600 more in the uk then they would in north america, i don't know how.

    i don't want to upset anybody, but adobe's pricing scheme is very offensive and encourages folk to seek other methods of acquiring the software.

    i'll let you know when i finally get my software.


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    I did buy from uktechstore last week and the software arrived no problem. Really pleased and I saved about 600. I give you a quick summary of the story so it doesn't sound like a uktechstore sales pitch!

    Basically I was nervous about buying from north america like many people seem to have been - only because the price was so much cheaper than in the UK.

    I'm starting a business so I am definitely on a tight budget, I couldn't afford to lose any money, and I know very little about ANY software.

    To make a long story short......

    I phoned uktechstore and spoke with one of the guys who works there (Dave is his name), he was very helpful and patient as I can only assume they get the sort of call I was making on a regular basis.

    He explained how they work, why they are cheaper (couple of good points he made but mainly we ARE getting seriously ripped off in the UK).

    It was enough to relax me, but I was still skeptical not because of what he'd said, but only because i'm the type who believes 'if it's too good to be true' - it normally is.

    uktechstore are based in Quebec, Canada, and i was concerned that north american software wouldn't work in the Uk. I'd done heaps of 'googles' and read many stories about people buying in the USA or Canada and using it in the UK - but i was STILL paranoid!!

    luckily my sister and brother-in-law live in Toronto and he knows quite a bit about technology. basically he said he'd download a 30-day trial (north american version) of adobe photoshop cs4 and send it to me. he said if it works on my computer in the uk, then i can buy north american software with confidence. he sent it, i uploaded it and it worked 100%!

    i was delighted and immediately phoned uktechstore, placed my order, and the courier delivered it two days later.

    really good service, and i'd spoken to two different guys at uktechstore and they were both very friendly and very helpful.

    i suppose i had to do a lot of research to give me confidence, but it was all worth it in the end. luckily i've got some family in Toronto, because when that trial uploaded i knew i'd be okay.

    on another note.....when i phoned adobe uk to ask if i could buy from canada, the SALES guy who'd answered the phone wouldn't give me a straight answer and kept saying i should buy from him "to be sure it worked". i wasn't happy and i said i know you're a salesman and make commission but you're still obligated to give a bit of customer service. eventually he said that if it comes from canada "yes, it should work, but it will definitely work if you buy from the uk".

    thank goodness for my brother-in-law in Toronto though to put my mind at ease.

    it was really important to me that i paid for a legit copy of my software as i want my business idea to go ahead without any potential hassle - including pirate software. but sometimes (ie. adobe sales staff not giving me honest answers or making me basically beg for reassurance) you can see how some people would illegally download what they need.

    anyway, i know it was a long story but i think it's important that as i've asked so many questions of uktechstore that i now follow up and say I DID have a really good experience from them and my software is running perfectly in the UK!

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    Default Adobe software

    Thanks for the story, I am doing exactly the same as you, setting up business and struggling to afford to be legitimate with the price of Adobe software.
    I have found people selling it on ebay even cheaper claiming to be Adobe resellers, with UK versions for sale at between 800-900 pounds and even the master collection for just over 1000. I emailed them to see if I could register with Adobe, no answer though.
    I am reassured by your tale, but can you register it with Adobe?

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    Yes I registered it with Adobe during the installation. Everything is working 100% - the software in the UK is the same as the Adobe software in north america.

    good luck with your business. don't let adobe try to frighten you into paying more in uk. i thoroughly researched the company in canada whom i bought my software from and also spoke to them twice. i saved 700.

    as mentioned in previous post: adobe - great software. questionable pricing.

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