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Thread: Changing volume of sound track in video

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    Default Changing volume of sound track in video

    Hi. New user. I have recorded a sound track. It is conversation between 2 boys.

    Unfortunately one of the boys voice is very very low. How do I make his voice audible without changing volume of second one?

    Thank you.

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    What software do you have? You need to find all the sections of the conversation where the second boy is talking, select each of those (to isolate them from the other boy talking) and hopefully you will only need to raise the volume on those clips to the same level as boy 1.

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    I do not have any software at present. Which one would be better given my requirements? This is going to be regular requirement for many other sound clips.

    I doubt if it may be possible to make sections of clips when second boy talks. There would be tooo many of them. One boy is standing near the mic and other 6 feet away.

    Is it possible to have a tool which will identify two main voices and bring them at par (same volume).

    I even do not know technical jargon for such requirements.


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    Unfortunately there is no magic software that can do that. You are going to have to find the individual clips and using a video editor or audio editor such as Adobe Premiere Elements 7 or Audacity (you can download a 30 day trial from Adobe's website) and like old cine film make a cut before the second boy speaks and a cut after he speaks, then click on that clip and increase its volume. You will have to do that for each and every clip.

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    If you do elect to use Premeire Pro you might want to go to this site for a download able tutorial which shows how to remedy your problems :Wrigley Video Productions. it shows how to use the dynamic filter for your problem.

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    If you're only interested in the audio (you said you recorded a sound track), you won't do any better (for free) than by downloading and using Audacity.

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