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Thread: Canon 5Dmk2 high ISO torture test

  1. Default Canon 5Dmk2 high ISO torture test

    Hi guys,
    thanks for the great response on the Grand Central video,
    I was curious about the high ISO hype on this camera and went out and shoot something in very poor lighting conditions at ISO 3200!! the camera is unbelievable.
    please check it and let me know what you think

    thanks for looking

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    Ok, I'm now starting to think it wouldn't matter what camera you used!

    That is so interesting and watchable!


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    haha, thanks Mykey!

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    I really liked that. No need to worry about the high setting as it looked excellent. I would like to have heard what she was saying instead of the music. Good framing and angles, an exterior shot of the building would have helped set the location. I haven't played a real pin ball machine in 25 years, misspent youth hanging around in gaming arcades.

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    Thanks Nikosony. yeah, me too. I might go back and do an interview with her. this was such a last minute thing, thats the problem with the 5D the sound sux one needs to bring an external device.

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