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    Default AVS Video Converter

    For me, AVS Converter won't even work. I have the full version and all I get is the initial screen, then it doesn't respond.

    I have Windows XP, x64/sp2. Could the 64-Bit OS be the cause?

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    This problem isn't uncommon. If we can find a solution it can serve to help others in the future.

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    Default Similar problem

    I have a similar problem. I also run AVS Video Converter in Windows XP 64-Bit but the wierd thing is that i can convert stuff in the unregisterd version but not when ive cracked it. I have an idea you can try: Right click on the .exe file where you start the program and go to properties. Then go to Compatibilities and change the run mode. You can choose from 5 different OSs.


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    Freeware is enough, you can get VideoMax Free Video Converter at

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    not meaning to hijack thread but really small problem with this version and product.

    On bulk encoding how can I assign so that it retains original file name with new file format. It goes to Untitled name on bulk conversions.


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