I have AVCHD 1080i (Canon HF20) material and i want export my native AVCHD edit to ProPre422 50i (FCP).

How i can do this CS4?

When i select:

-> .MOV
and then:
-> DV- PAL (wtf? i want HD nope SD ??? why only SD ?)
and then codek:
-> Prores422(HQ)
and then i change resulation:
720x576-> 1920x1080

- Then i want keep interlace :

* Is Field type upper first OK ?
* Is 25 frame rate ok? or 50 ? (why is not 50i select ?)
* Is Square pixels 1 ok?

Is this metod ok when i want export my AVCHD to Prores422 ?



... why i must select SD?