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Thread: Im gonna built something For Red edeting

  1. Default Im gonna built something For Red editing

    Ok, Hi !

    Im planning to built a pc for 3k red format on-line editing. I have a small budget of 4000-6000$can, but this still a LOT of money spend on a Pc.

    I will run adobe premiere master suite cs4. I could run vegas ... but I think premiere is more complete and professional, also red release codec and pack for final cut, but also premiere, not vegas .. 3k is something to work whit !

    Some of you maybe say hey, go for mac ! But mac pro are too expensive for what they give me, 640go hard drive whit 6go ram no blu-ray ... 8core is good but for 5000$ whit no monitoring, aquisition card, blu-ray .. we are up to the 10 000 for a mac ... Forget it ...

    This is a list of want im planning to build. This PC will not be connected to internet and will be dedicaced to video to avoid bug and crash. It will run vista 64bit tuned. I maybe go whit windows seven .. i dont know. I need something really stable and cant really afford crash. I cant run XP because the specs are to high for xp .... so its vista 64 bit or seven ... Somebody already test seven ?

    Btw I should by the pc in 2 or 6 month

    This is my small list

    Computor main parts!

    price? :3tb hard drive in total minimum, ( maybe like two 1,5 or three 1to )

    price? :16go of ram or more.... 32 would be perfect related to red .... lol

    Price? : Good blu-ray disk writer

    price ? : Normal DVD writer

    Price? :Two processor Quad-Core Intel Xeon « Nehalem » 2,26
    GHz ?
    1 Core i7-965 : Extreme Edition : 999$ (3.20 GHz)
    2 Core i7-940 : 562$ (2.93 GHz) Its posible ?

    200$ : Black magic Intensity Pro™ ( aquisition-playback )

    Price? : Graphic card that have 2 - 3 would be better DVI or HDMI output. And can run everything perfect

    Price? : Sound card ... good but cheap ...

    Price? : Computor case !

    Total : 3000 or less please !

    1955$ HD référence LMD2030W LINK
    2x200$ Acer H213H avec HDMI-DVI ( + lui ) I dont want to spend a lot of money on these since a have a 2000$ 20po sony FullHD reference monitor ... Ill keep to rest of the money the the CPU

    = 260$ monitors
    = 2248,25 HD reference

    total for screen : 2508$

    Any suggestion or comments on the set-up ?

    Total for everything : 5500 max! this means
    3,486.30 EUR
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    Invest in a decent CPU cooler and overclock the CPU, a good i7 can do more than 3.2GHz, i've seen some push 4 GHz.
    Don't forget a good power supply, 600watt at least id say.

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