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Thread: Sonokinetic samples and sound design elements

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    Default Sonokinetic samples and sound design elements

    Hello Everybody

    We'd like to invite you to visit our new website.
    Since late 2008 we've been working hard on some new production tools (samples, loops and sound design elements) for composers and sound designers. We are two dedicated composers and sound producers who'd like to offer you our views on music and sound design in a few very affordable and hopefully useful new products.

    1) Felt Force One: The powerful orchestral percussive scoring library
For fast and efficient scoring, guide-tracking work and full scores building. 24 bit 44.1 kHz 7 fully percussive scored and performed construction kits divided into 4 and 8 or 16 bar phrases for quick scoring and transitions 15+ Massive Slams and Hits, 2 snare ensemble phrases, a metal and iron hits, GrandCassa, BigDrumFX patch and a shout and screaming ‘men’ patch. Format: Kontakt, AppleLoops, Wave
    Or Download our try-out for free (check Felt Force One | Sonokinetic Sampling and Sound Design)

    2) RockHard: This library provides basic rock construction kits for complimenting symphonic Orchestral music. Especially those epic and action-full trailer tracks sometimes need more kick and a great way to achieve this is by adding guitars and rhythm section. For this we’ve created a new and very easy to use construction kit. Providing six friendly chord based live recording sessions of a powerful rock band. RockHard arrangements all contain drums, bass and electric guitars. Format: Kontakt, AppleLoops, Wave

    3) Q's Designed Sound:Ques for editorial sound design in movies, games, trailers, promo’s and teasers.100 exclusive produced sound effects. Primary designed for video & audio promo’s and trailers productions.Glitches, beeps, statics, explosions, booms, bangs, wrappers, powerups, coolers, etc
    Format:Wave and Kontakt

    4) Cerberus Monstrous SFX:A complete 24-bit mastered set of top designed acoustic sound effects from a Demonic Monstrous Underworld monster. With over 100+ files this very affordable library will knock you out of your socks and make the neighbours run for cover.Roars, Screams, Snarls, Squeals, Inhales, Exhales, Breath, Moans, Footsteps, Wounded SFX, Attacks, Warnings, Communications, Howls & Underworld Ambiences

    If you're interested and got some time, please check it out at:

    Sonokinetic orchestral sampling

    There're demo's and extended information on each of the different sample sets. Also we've got a user friendly forum set up to provide user the technical and creative support if needed.

    We're happy to provide more information or to take any feedback you think should help developing this line of products more.

    the Sonokinetic Team
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    Default Updated links

    Hey Guys,
    We've updated the product site with a free download of one of the construction kits.
    So please feel free to download and check out Felt Force One.
    Felt Force One | Sonokinetic Sampling and Sound Design


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    we got a nice update:
    Felt Force One | Sonokinetic Sampling and Sound Design
    check out the new Demo by Lorenzo Piggici

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