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Thread: Connecting a Flat Screen Tv to my computer

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    Default Connecting a Flat Screen Tv to my computer

    Hi Guys,

    I have been looking at getting a second monitor for my computer. As I get more into editing I have come to realise that 19 inches isn't enough. Too much re sizing of windows.

    Anyhow as I've looking around I have noticed quite a few flat screen TVs have a lot of connections that look like I could plug then into my computer.

    Is it a good idea to connect a tv straight into the back of the computer? I thought it could be a good idea as then I can be sure what am working on will look like on a proper tv

    Is this a stupid idea. Are their technical considerations to consider?

    Is a second computer monitor the way forward?

    Cheers for any help


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    I will always recomend two monitors.

    IF you get a High deffinition screen then you could connect to it with a dvi to hdmi lead, although you will get a better picture on computer screens.

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    Unless it's got the correct fitting then you won't be able to connect it to your computer. DVI or 9 pin mini sub D.

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    Another alternative would be to get a graphics card wit h a hdmi output. I have it on mine but i don't use it.

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