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Thread: music video made with suction pad on car

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    Default music video made with suction pad on car

    watch my short music clip i have made with a suction pad on a car, enjoy.

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    the beat whit the edit ... is perfect !
    First i was like ... to many color effects ... but no it was really nice !
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    Very tasty! Loved the cartoon look combined with the colour filters. Great choice of unusual colours as well. And, as JMM said, superbly edited to the score.

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    Just lose the part at the beginning with you fixing the camera on the roof.

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    Woah, that was really good.
    At first I thought 'Is this all its going to be all the way through?'
    But when you keep watching you get drawn in at how the video reflects what the music is doing.

    Really enjoyed watching it

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    thanks for the feedback dudes.

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    Lovely, so vibrant and such a simple idea made really nice in the edit..

    My only complaint is the lack of the word 'Please'
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Perfect music choice. I must say, it makes me want to go driving. Nice work!

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