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Thread: Camcorder as an external hard drive?

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    Default Camcorder as an external hard drive?

    I do Crocodile & wildlife tours on the Daintree river (north Queensland Australia) and have a feature called Croc Cam which is a Sony TRV-330E (Hi-8)mounted on a tripod connected to an LCD TV at the back of the boat. It works like communal binoculars. I use the memory stick to flash up still photos taken on a good quality camera and show short video of past highlights.
    The camera has lasted very well in tough conditions but it is time for a new one. I am leaning towards a hard drive as showing the same tape repeatedly wears them out. I bought a Sony DCR SR-85 and found that i could not put photos onto the camera from the computer and Sony tell me none of their hard drive cameras can do this so i took it back. Canon told me i could put photos onto a memory card and i was just about to buy a HF-200 and a 2x teleconverter but checked again with canon and a different person said none of their new cameras can even put their own video or photos back on the camera once they are transfered to a computer.
    Could someone who has a hard drive camera try this themselves or advise what camera could do what i want, it needs to have at least 25x zoom.

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    I have a JVC GZ HD6 camcorder with built-in 120GB hard drive. I can connect it to computer using USB for example and I see the built-in hard drive. The vids can only be copied from it and I cannot put anything on it. File explorer says it is write protected and it wont let me do any changes to the hard drive - not even rename the files. Only from the recorder itself, I can delete or format the hard drive. But I am not sure how other camcorders work, I can only can for my cam.

    Hope this helps,

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