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    Hi guys, i have a desktop computer with sony vegas 8 installed on it. I also have a toshiba camileo pro hd camera that record high definition 720p. The big problem is i have to render out my video every time i make a change to it, becasue if i try and look at the preview screen it gets stuck on frames and it becomes impossible to edit therforei have to render it out each time, its soo annoying.

    Here are some specs :

    AMD athlon 64 processor 3500+
    1.79 ghz, 960 mb of ram

    I think the main casue of this is because the specs are bad. As i am 16 and do not have that much moneym how can i upgrade this pc to do better or what pc can i buy to run games and vegas smoothly ?

    Thanks guys

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    Possibly doubling the RAM will be worthwhile. Other than upgrades are rarely cost effective.
    You want a better processor. Almost certainly anything current will require a different socket in the motherboard and a different chipset. And then this will require different RAM.
    So, you need new mobo, CPU and RAM.

    OK, I lied earlier. If your power supply is up to it you can probably get away with keeping the PSU, case and optical drives.

    And hard disks?

    Well, like the fans in the PSU and in the case, they wear. They WILL fail. Actually ALL drives could fail a day after you've filled them with crucial data. So make sure you have a good backup regime ...

    etc etc etc

    Yes you need to do all this backup stuff anyway (which feels like wasting money until you actually have a fatal crash ...

    But as far as the core PC goes, I'd seriously forget upgrading and save up until you can either buy a mobo/cpu/RAM combination (if the rest of your PC is up to it) or a new PC.

    Oh, you mentioned games. An absolute MUST for games, but almost an irrelevance for video editing is a very fast video card.

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