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    Hi guys, my name is matthew and i am 16 years old I am rather new to this forum but have been editing for a couple if months now. I have a toshiba camileo pro which records in 720 p and sadly my computer cant really handle sony vegas plus my footage so i have to render it out each time i make a small change :( Anyway i have made 2 little clips of me in my local gym with my friends practicing free running, i have still not finished either of them yet as i need to wait till thrusday to get more footage. Thanks

    cheers guys

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    no replies :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by cuzzaUK View Post
    no replies :(
    Couple of points...

    1. The Fan Videos section is really for people to post their montages of their favourite actor/singer whatever. In other words it's not generally original material. And it attracts little interest though it does provide a forum for people interetsed in posting such stuff.

    2. It often takes days before a film will get any feedback. This isn't a high volume forum, but it does have a very good signal to noise ratio. You may not get much feedback, but surely 2 or 3 posts of constructive stuff is far better than 200-300 comments like "You rock" or "That sucks".

    So, if you want real feedback I suggest you post your movies in the "User Videos" Section (ONE movie per thread please) and wait a few days.

    I can't guarantee any feedback, but you'll get a better chance that way.

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