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    any feedback?

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    LOL is was funny and scary at the same time !
    You did some color correction to boost the contrast right ? It was well done. Good choice of music too.
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    haha, thanks man, yeah the colors on my camera always seem washed out so I always have to add contrast

    Thanks man

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    so wait...did the kid suck the janitor's dick or not?

    just kidding.

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    haha, that is up to you to decide

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    The way this video start is little bit boring.But somehow after watching it, not bad at all.Like others said, let yourself decide it.

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    There's a lot I liked. The story was intriguing left a lot of unanswered questions (which is good in a short like this)

    The music went with the action really well.

    One criticism. Get a tripod! particularly those opening scenes really were shaky. Handheld shots are fine for following the action. But you really need a stable platform for a lot of those shots.

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    we weren't planning on filming anything that day, i just happen to have my camera and came up with that idea, so i didn't have a tripod at the time

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    I like the idea of someone being convinced of something and someone else trying to persuade him that he's wrong, and it works well when the first someone is convinced, rightly or wrongly, that a day is a certain day.
    This has happened to me a couple of times, so at least the idea resonates with somebody. Maybe you could take the idea further.
    I didn't like the shaky shots either, I now pack a little table top tripod in my rucksack, I can usually stand it somewhere.
    Anyway, I liked it, basically.


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