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    Hey guys...So I've had a PD170 for over a year now, I've shot with it a lot, mostly shoots at schools and corporate events for promo's and things which I edit together.

    Mainly I'm an editor but I do advertise myself as cameraman too and I'd like to familiarise myself with the camera a little more...

    I wonder if someone could talk through a basic step by step guide to setting up the PD170 for a particular shoot. I never know what order to set things up manually, is it iris first, with which zebra? then do i adjust shutter speed or keep that on auto? I just don't know....I'm relying on auto too much and I want to move on a little.

    Any help, greatly appreciated!


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    Anyone? Anything???

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexw View Post
    ...I do advertise myself as cameraman too ...

    Well, if you're selling yourself as a profesional cameraman, you should already have a clue about what your craft entails.

    What you're asking is really basic stuff.

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    No, that's why I'm being honest here and trying to develop my skills.

    I can shoot most things with some time and thought but this is the thing, it takes time and trial and error, for me to push forward as a true pro, I want to feel more confident in what I am doing.

    I didn't listen at University but I'm willing to learn and listen now, that's why I joined these forums, to see if anyone can shed some light.



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    well. Let me say from the get go I am not a pro. I'm not even a very good amateur.

    But what you are asking depends on many things.

    What is the look you are after? How much light do you have on the subject? how much depth of field are you aiming for?

    You need to know and understand the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and depth of field. It's optics. Stuff I learned first the hard way with my dad's manual-only camera, a light meter and many many failed photographs, and then later in my physics classes at college, where they showed me there were maths for this kind of thing. Understand the maths and the physics of photography, recognize that moving pictures are a succession of still images (and that in itself brings new and interesting challenges) and then you will know what is required.

    Zebra stripes and all that malarky are tools to help, but they aren't very good crutches if you don't know the basics.

    A cameraman is firstly a technician, who has to understand his tools.

    Then and only then the creative stuff can take centre stage

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    Thanks for this, very useful!

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