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Thread: Huay Xai, Lao

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    Default Huay Xai, Lao

    Capital of Bokeo province and the northern gateway to Laos, Huay Xai is the most popular entrypoint to Laos from northern Thailand. The border crossing is officially known as the Chiang Khong / Huay Xai crossing and the two towns face each other across the Mekong's waters, with travellers crossing between the two countries by boat.

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    This really needs a narration. There are some good shots and it may welll be fine for the party who travelled with you, but to reach a wider audience we really need to be told what we're looking at, preferably with some personal views about your experience/feelings about the places.

    Without that it's just a number of quite good shots.

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    A region of the world I am quite familiar with and I have done extensive videos in surrounding countries.

    Having lived in Vietnam and Thailand for extended periods you tend to find stuff to video everywhere, life is much more exposed in places like this, people tend to live out on the streets, have their house doors open and in general no matter where you go there are people around.

    The camera is never hungry for content in Asian countries, they are beautiful in so many ways.

    I really felt the music did not suite the video, either do as Tim has suggested or do a mix with some live sound and some sort of local music, tricky if your just a tourist but it would seal the video so well.

    Funny thing is when I go to these countries I always seem to hear the Bee Gees, huge in Asia and I have never worked out why..Maybe their music could suite this for home viewing only..

    Sounds weird saying Bee Gees, but thats all I can suggest..!
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    The shot angle is great but somehow I'm feeling something not right.Maybe the sound or the video itself.BTW, still good video.


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