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Thread: Final Cut Pro and ProRes question!

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    Default Final Cut Pro and ProRes question!

    Hey there!

    I am shooting my video footage with a 5D mk II DSLR and I would like to edit this footage with Final Cut Pro. Wherever I go I get the same advice; convert the footage to ProRes 422. And wherever I go it seems as if this should be possible with Final Cut Pro. However, there is no ProRes option on my Final Cut Pro. What am I doing wrong?

    I read that ProRes can be found on Final Cut Studio which leads me to think that it's fairly odd for it to not be on the Pro version....

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    Apple ProRes 422 Decoder

    Seems, the codec only came with Final Cut Studio 2. Download the mac or windows version of the codec, install and it should pop up in your options.

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    Ahh, I couldn't find it as a free downloadable file so that's why I asked....I guess I need to practise my googlin' skills!


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