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Thread: Camera recommendations for Dentistry / Surgery Videos

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    Default Camera recommendations for Dentistry / Surgery Videos


    I am new here.

    I am a dentist and I would like to start videotaping some of my procedures for use during a seminar. Ideally the videos would be from "my point of view" - so it would be best if the camera were attached to a headband / headlamp apparatus.

    The best option I have come across so far is found here:


    This would be awesome, its just that my project is not important enough to me to justify the pricetag of $10,000 !!!

    I was hoping that someone on this forum might have some options that would be more economical and still yield a decent image.

    A dedicated computer and or laptop in the operatory is definitely available.

    I also have available a headlamp mounted fiberoptic light source if this would help the image quality.

    Thank you for your help!


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    Hi & welcome. Have you considered something like this? a whole lot cheaper, but not compromising too much on quality.
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    Zero, did Mark W have a camera that did something like that?

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