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Thread: Grand Central Terminal NYC: Canon 5Dmk2

  1. Default Grand Central Terminal NYC: Canon 5Dmk2

    I like my new tool. I just had to have one after Canon announced the firmware update. all I can say about this camera. WOW
    went for a walk in and around Grand Central Terminal in NYC, and this is what I got:
    please check the top entry, hope you enjoy it-look forward hearing from you.
    thanks for looking.

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    I'm no expert on Cameras, lenses and the like, but that's a great vid!
    I was in New York last month and visited the GCT (and shot some touristy stuff there!)
    You captured it all so well....Wonderful!


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    thanks Mike!

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    I'm amazed you are allowed to film so freely in such a public place!

    Very nice btw

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    you said it - public place ;O)

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    verry sharp and clean picture !
    Television Technician
    - My Videos -
    Sorry for my bad english im french

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