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    Default Still image quality

    Hey all

    I have a project I'm working on where I want to do a text effect via track motion. The idea is that the still image is larger than the frame so I can pan and ultimately zoom out to reveal more of the text on the single still image. The problem I'm having is that the still image's quality is terrible when it isn't exactly the project's frame size. Originally Vegas had scaled the image so I changed it back to its full size in track motion (from 7x4 to 16x10) and re-rendered it to see if that would disable whatever scaling vegas was doing. It didn't.

    How do I have my hi-res still remain hi-res instead of getting blurred?

    Thanks all!

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    What resolution is the still? Is it a still taken from DV? or HDV? Or from a digital stills camera?

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    You need to use Pan/Crop rather than Track Motion.

    With Track Motion your image will be downscaled to your project settings before any of your "motion" is applied to it. Keyframe it through the pan/crop dialog instead.

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