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    I need your help, guys. I’m new to video editing. I need to create some training videos. The plan is that the instructor is going to be filmed commenting on some sport videos playing on the background. So, as I understand, it’s going to involve combining 2 videos (instructor video + sport video) into one and a green screen. I’m pretty familiar with Photoshop and I guess the same can be done to video footages. Can you please give me an advise on how can it be done, what software and hardware I’m going to need to accomplish that.
    Thank you.
    P.S. Below are 2 photos , which illustrate well what I mean.

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    Not sure what level of knowledge you have concerning video so excuse me if this is to basic for you. But since nobody else answered you, here goes:

    Pretend that you want to create a elaborate graphic text in photoshop, and use it as a still image over a video file in a video editing program. You would make a selection and save it as a seperate channel, to act as a alpha channel in the picture file. So that the video editing program goes "oh there's a alpha channel in this image, that meens that the creator wants this area to be knocked out/transparent.

    Well basiclly you want to do this with an entire videofile, containing thousands of images, so you need to simplify the process of selecting the area that should be transparent. This is usally done by keying out a certain colorrange, like the green in a greenscreened videofile or the blue etc, this is called Cromakey.

    You film your actor towards an area that is easilly knocked out, like a blue/green screen then you can use various algorithms(like chromakey, lumakey etc) in diffrent software packages to knockout thoose areas. Adobe Aftereffects would be my recommendation, thats the one ive worked most with. But most serious packages that aloud effects editing of sorts will have support for this.

    Grab a demo of any major program and look for channel options like chromakey, etc and start testing. You can find royalty free demo clips of greenscreened material on the web to test with, so you know what to think about before creating your own. Even hardcompressed clips works fine for testing.

    Asfar as hardware goes, this is not really my area but for any form of effects editing you should use uncompressed material. For that youŽd need a firewire card that you can connect your digitalcamera too and import the fotage to your computer, a firewirecard is about 80-200$. Without more spcification on what your end format is gonna be it hard to advice you further. What are you aiming for, the web?, vhs?, dvd? etc

    Hope my ranting helped some

    Ps: It was a few years since i worked with production, im not sure what is built in and what is addons today, heres an example of a addon called keylight:

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    Thank you for quick reply. It's really helpful. I appreciate it very much. I've done some researching on the topic and it doesn't seem so scary now as it used to. I've found some material on the net and even created my first clip as an experiment. Sure, as I go forward, questions will arise, but it'll be another post. Thanks.
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