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Thread: Removing Breathing Sounds from Audio Track

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    Question Removing Breathing Sounds from Audio Track


    I am very new to the video editing part of the creative process. I am using PP CS3 and have been trying to find out if there is an easy way to dampen or remove the the camera person's breathing noises from the audio track?

    I have the CS3 Master collection so I have Sound Booth for audio editing if needed...

    Again, very new and trying to learn as I go...

    You assistance is very appreciated in advance,


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    How heavy is the breathing, is it very noticeable on the audio track? Do you need to keep this audio track or can you lose it completely and replace it with another audio track or music?

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    It's probably more noticable to me, because it is me...

    I can't get rid of the audio though because it's my daughter singing. My guess is that they are probably very close in frq and it would be tough to take care of one without effecting the other...

    I thought about laying down another track with music and adjusting the volumes...

    Thank you so much for the reply... I have already found so much stuff here that I think will come in very handy...

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    Soundbooth is your best choice - I use it for mastering and changing my audio a lot.

    Check Youtube for a tutorial and you can see how easy it is to remove a certain sound from audio.

    The down side may be that you loose some of the freq's from your daghter singing.

    While in Premier Pro, right click the audio and choose Edit in Soundbooth then render and replace - but make sure you have a backup copy of the original just in case.


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