I run a site that displays videos for my users. I have been using Youtube to host my videos. However, right now, anyone can just watch all of my videos on youtube without ever visiting my site.

I want my site to offer something that Youtube does not have. So I will need to host some of my videos myself.

The problem is that I don't exactly know the best way of going about this. I need members with any type of OS / Computer / browser configuration to be able to view my videos with no problem.

I am a windows user, so my videos are WMVs. If I need to convert them to something, that is fine.

I would prefer something open source or free. After all, my site is about open source design, and I have used nothing but open source software to date other than the software that came with my computer.

If there are absolutely no other options I don't mind paying for something (inexpensive). I just need to know which direction to go from here.

Thank you for your response(s) in advance!