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Thread: Is there a difference between a NV GS-120 and a NV GS-120B?

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    Default Is there a difference between a NV GS-120 and a NV GS-120B?

    Hello, this may be a stupid question but I am going to buy a Panasonic NV GS-120 camcorder and have found a company selling them for 445. A bargain I think, they list a NV GS-120 where the Panasonic sites description has a B on the end. My question is this - Is the NV GS-120 an older model and the NV GS-120B its replacement or has the company just been lazy in their description?
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    I think that models with suffixed with a 'B' are for the European market (if you look at the site, all their cams models end in b). The american site contains no cams ending in b, but the product code starts 'pv' rather than 'nv'. Quickest way is to ask the dealer what it says on the box
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    I also think that the "B" just means it's a euro' model, I'm looking for the same camera, but I can't find it for that price!
    The cheapest I could find was E-Buyer, but I thought I should try them out by ordering something cheap first, and they cancelled my order of some cheap DVD-r's and sent me an e-mail without much of an explanation.

    So I'm currently looking for another place to buy one in the UK, Where were you going to get yours from?

    Thanks if you can help.

    Just had a look at e-buyer again, I think the price has dropped, but there aren't any in stock at the mo. Here's a link
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    Panasonic UK only list this: (the 120B) as available here in the UK and so I believe Marc and bgarthp are correct.

    Actually we have a Panasonic manufaturing plant just 5 mins down the road from here. Shall I go knock on the door and ask

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    I've just called the company selling this camera ( ) and the guy said that it is a UK spec camera with uk plugs. When I asked if it was a NV GS-120B he replied "there all the same". Mmmm not sure what to make of that I may try elsewhere. I got the impression that the price they are selling them at doesn't include them having to answer questions. Although saying that, the reviews I read of did seem favourable.

    Thanks for your help. No need to knock on their door LJR, my question has been answered.
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    Ooops! The reason I want to buy a camcorder is to record some of the sports I do. In trawling through all the camcorder reviews I have managed to over look the fact that the Panasonic NV GS-120 doesn't have an A/V in jack. I need this to plug in a bullet/helmet cam for on board footage. Bugger!!

    Your info has still been of help to me as I think all manufacturers use this lettering system.

    I have just spoken to the helmet cam guy and he has recommended a Sony DCR HC30 which ironically is the first camera I looked at!

    It was a review of this camera that said "if you can afford it get the HC40" then the review of the HC40 said "don't buy this without looking at the Panasonic NV GS-120". I was lost in a whirlwind of consumerism.

    I think I'll get the HC30. Cheers!
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