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    This is a trailer for a 20 minute film I shot for my friends English Class, it's supposed to be a combination of the film The Strangers (basically the main character) and Frankenstein. This is a trailer I edited for it, let me know what you think.

    (and please don't just say to be original, I didn't write the movie, only shot and edited; so it wouldn't be helping much)

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    Sorry, it's a miss from me. A trailer is meant to make you want to see the film and this certainly didn't. Despite many fast cuts there was little exictement; despite some half lit shots/criptic dialogue there was little intrigue.
    A good test is to watch the film without the score. The music can be superb at enhancing all sorts of emotions, but those emotions have to be there in te first place.
    (This isn't to say the film is necessarily going to be bad - just that this misses as a trailer, for me, anyway. Other opinions are available)

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    2:30 to 2:48 was the best part, I think its just too long for such a small movie. 1h40 movies have 2:30 min trailer, and even this is still long ...

    Just cut up some talking, i loved to see the scrary mask whit the music, that was nice ! But cut some stuff, try to make a 30 sec trailer or something like this.
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