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Thread: How to remove black background after removing blue/green screen

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    Default How to remove black background after removing blue/green screen

    I am using Premiere Pro CS4:

    I have searched the threads and might have missed it and it has got to be covered somewhere but my question should be a simple one.

    After I removed the green screen from my video. I export the video to say an AVI file. The problem is I get the black background that was standard when i was editing my video. How do I remove that black background so when I put the video on a website the background is transparent so I can position the file or myself anywhere on the screen (when I convert it to a flv or swf) I want to make a video something like the one on the website ...
    LASIK San Francisco

    Also, but this is not as important, can I crop the video in premiere if I wanted to do that.

    Thank You if anyone can help.

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    Ok maybe I can try to make it a little more clearer. I have chroma keyed out my background, which was simple. Adjusting the simplicity and so forth. Now in the main screen it now shows a black background. Note: I have no intention on putting a background video or image behind myself. I want the background to be transparent as I had listed on the website previously. For example like when you edit an image in photoshop and move that image around to get a specific look for example like I did with the girls on one of my websites: The girls have been cropped and positioned accordingly from photos that I took when I was able to. Notice the image is just the ladies profiles. That is basically what I want to do with the video. So that if I wanted to drop a video on my main page, whatever is behind the person speaking can be seen when the person is walking around the site. Is that better understanding what I am trying to do?

    It is the exact same thing as if you were going to put a background behind the video, but the background would be the website in which the video has been added to. Like for example when you goto a lot of the spokespeople sites and they have to try a sample person on your page, and you provide your website. Only the person shows up with a transparent background. So no matter what site they are on you can still see what is happening behind the person speaking. Thanks

    I can ask this other question at a later time, but can u adjust the safe margins?

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    I also have after effects if that matters!

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    What software did you use to create your website with? Can it use avi files with an alpha channel? If it can't then you are out of luck and will need to convert it to some other format, like PNG, yes I know that's a still image format but it can utilise transparency and therefore let the background of your website show through. Or what colour is the background of your website?

    If you can get it's R, G and B values or hexadecimal values then you can replicate that colour in your video editor and put the same coloured background on a new video layer, key the greenscreen out again, the coloured layer will show through and export the video as a normal avi file.
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    if you go here: VSP Worldwide Productions - Actors

    this is what I mean. try the demo add your site and you see the background is transparent to you website! That is what I am trying to accomplish.

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    It's not an avi file, it's a Flash video file, you'll need to bring the video file into Flash and find out how to make the background transparent and then save or export it with transparency included.

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    If its not too late, here is my solution:

    Alpha chanel can be stored in avi uncompressed or quick time, and make sure to set export options to "milion colors+" and alpha "straight" so it wont pick background colors into half transparent areas , this will prevent for examlpe black aura around your keyed out character

    when importing video into flash check "encode alpha channel" in video options

    and when placing flash on website this :
    <param name="wmode" value="transparent" />

    must be in embeded object parameters - wedding animations

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    you cleaver soab

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