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    I need to buy a digital recorder/mixer and microphone. I'm planning on using this equipment mainly for Voice over/narration work.

    I've read lots of posts and looked at various recording devices but I'm no further forward to what would be the best. So I thought If i got opinions from people using the equipment,(or experiences of it) that may help me.

    I'm unsure of the budget i have to spent at the moment, I'd rather look at the equipment first rather than be limited by budget.

    P.s That doesn't mean I can afford to spend a grand on a mic.

    any advice massively appreciated.


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    I always find using yourt camera and your camera mic to be a good option.

    You should have a decent mic anyway

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    There are so many good mics out there these days at very low cost - Rode do a great shotgun that would work for VO's too. They also make great 'classic' VO mics too that sound wonderful.

    Invest in an SE electronics reflection filter if you have the budget - they can work wonders.

    Get a pop filter or make one out of some tights and wire cloths hanger.

    Most important - buy a good mic preamp with 48V phantom. If it has a compressor built in even better.

    Plug the mic pre into your computers sound card and away you go - avoid having the computer (with fans) in the same space as your mic.

    If all this is alien to you let us know and we'll spell it out in more detail.

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