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Thread: No Audio on my video capturing

  1. Default No Audio on my video capturing

    I cannot get the audio to work when using my video capture cable.

    The device I have is a
    KWorld Xpert DVD Maker USB 2.0 Video Capture Device

    I plugged the audio cord into the microphone slot like it said, I turned up the volume all the way, and only the video part works.

    This worked with my last computer but it won't work now. I have windows vista and I was thinking it may be a compatibility problem, but the installation still worked, but the device itself doesn't.

    I cannot figure this out and I've tried everything.

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    I haven't used that device but is the audio cable not supposed to be inserted into the Line In socket? Try that and see if you get audio. You may also need to change the settings on the audio software in Windows so it has the correct socket selected, it might be set to Mic In or Line In by default and you will need to check it to make sure the selection matches the hole you have the cable into.

    Did you get a Vista driver along with the hardware? You may need to install it by visiting the company's website to see if they have one. You could also check The Device Manager to see if it is listed and working or if it is listed but not working and make a note of any error reports in the window.

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