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Thread: How To - add video into video cilp?

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    Exclamation How To - add video into video cilp?

    How does one come about adding a portion of one video into another video?

    Just like the etrade commercial of the baby talking, but the lips were added in..

    what do I need Apzz-wise and process please?



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    hmm .. as i saw you want a kind o picture in picture video.
    In Adobe Premiere or in After Effects is easy to do it.
    In timeline put both video. On first video thack will be the backgroud video (original video) and over the top of it the small video. Then you can resize the video on top and set the position where you like it to be.
    If you need it with certain type of border then you will have to do it in After Effects with mask tool.
    Good luck !

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