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Thread: need editing advise for my animated clip

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    Question need editing advise for my animated clip

    Hey everyone!!
    i am new here on the forum and have come searching for editing/framing advise.. from the pro's

    i took part in the 11 second club competition.. where they give you an audio clip..and you animate a short to it..

    well m entry had a lot of problems one of them being the edit..

    so i re- worked it.. and came up with

    i am still working on the animation itself.. but i feel i need some editing advise..
    how would you frame it ?
    how would you edit it ?
    in a short piece like this do you advise using 3 or less cuts ?
    what is the norm ? when editing such a short piece ?

    will applicate any kind of advise.. books,links, answers, advise ..

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    Im really not a 3d expert. I will comment this like i would comment a normal video.
    By the way the animation is well done, I think you need more cut than 3. Like betwen 7 and 12 you could have some close up and reaction shot from the girl and the guy.

    Would like to see the backgound ! I know that it take ages to work in 3d, but i guess the frame will make more sens when we will see all the elements in the background.

    Its would be awsome to take down the depth of field, put a sun as key light to put some contrast and work whit roll focus at some point, YEA.

    Maybe also add out of focus front element, like vegetation or i dont know since i dont know where the action is.

    Ok this should be like really to hard in 3d i think...
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    Thumbs up that was awesome!!

    thank you!!! that was the the most awesome advise ever...

    i sat and thought abt it... makes perfect sense!!!
    that was super awesome

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    Also... sound.

    I know you get a sound clip to work with, but those first couple of seconds of dead air really jar.

    I'd put some outdoor ambience across the entire clip to give it a sense of space.

    I'd also agree, a reaction shot from the girl would be good, a reverse angle on the two of them, and some DOF in the render.

    Good animation though.. what program did you use?

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