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Thread: After IFOedit is done, what file am I burning to DVD?

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    Default After IFOedit is done, what file am I burning to DVD?

    I have Windows Movie Maker 2 and followed all the steps to get my movie authored. I downloaded the bbMPEG file and completed that, then I completed the avi2MPG2 program, then I did the IFOedit program successfully. All of this created the following files in my videos folder:


    Also created was the "fixed01"mpg2 file.

    Now I'm ready to burn a DVD. What am burning? Am I somehow using these files or am I using the MPEG that I created? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    Burn these:


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    Thank you for the reply......and for the help getting me this far!!

    I want a DVD to play in my DVD player, but am I burning this as a Video DVD or some form of data disk? The software looks like it's meant to drag video and pictures to be created as a menu then to be burnt. IIt doesn't look like it'll take these odd file extensions. I use Record Now! that came with XP.

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    What burning software came with your writer?

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    I'm using Record Now! 7.3 by Sonic to burn, and Movie Maker 2 for all of the editing.

    I did a google search on the subject and it seems this last step is something a lot of people have had trouble with. It looks like another long process using something called vobedit. Man o man, is there an easier way?

    Do products like Roxio media creator 7 or Pinnacle Studio 9 do all of this for you?

    I'm not new to editing my video's and have done a lot of it over the years, but always the 'Dark Ages' way of working with several video tape sources, a sound mixer, etc.........this new digital era is a handful!! Lol.....

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    All you need to do is place those files you just created on a blank DVD-R or DVD+R disc. You have already authored the DVD. I'm not familiar with Record Now!, but you should be able to drag the files and burn.

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