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    I don't really have a problem - just a question for my own education......

    Through various sources, I have previously obtained PAL DVDs. Since I live in North America, none of them would play on my NTSC DVD player. (I have converted them to NTSC with varying degrees of success.)

    On a recent trip to Australia, I had the opportunity to purchase a trip video. I asked the videographer if she could produce it in NTSC format (rather than PAL) and she said she couldn't but had never had anyone in North American that had a problem playing her videos. I reluctantly purchased the video with the intention of converting it when I returned home.

    Well, SURPRISE, SURPRISE! The PAL video played correctly on my NTSC DVD player.

    I'm wondering if anyone might have any idea why this video would have played but others will not.

    The properties of the video are:
    MPEG 2
    24 bits
    16:9 aspect ratio
    Data rate VBR (8K max)
    I believe that the video was produced on a Mac (i.e Mac logo on the lower right of the intro) but I don't know which program was used.

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    It could be the audio that is a problem on some of your videos I believe NTSC does not always play mpeg audio tracks, it could be your player is not happy with ether DVD+R or DVD-R I've struck that problem with some of my own videos on one of my DVD players.

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