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Thread: trying to re-create that Printer Advert

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    Default trying to re-create that Printer Advert

    I tried to re-create a bit of that advert for Photo-printers, I think it's HP.

    Needs a bit of work, and if/when I find an actual use for the effect I'll cut out a frame that actually fits over my head properly.

    I had to put audio on it or it wouldn't let me export as WMV.
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    That concept has the potential for gross abuse... :twisted:

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    Nicely done. Recently Pinnacle held a competition and gave away free copies of LE 6.0 Pro for those who could reproduce the effect as picture perfect as possible using only LE (and documenting the procedure).

    You going to do something with this or was you just trying it for fun?

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    I've got an idea that will use it, but I need to get my new camera first, currently my camera doesn't let me record anything to tape, but I can capture direct to my computer through my 1m Firewire cable, hence the awkward angle.

    The real shoot will have to wait 'til after Christmas.
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    Nice work!

    Next you should try the old roadrunner trick of painting a tunnel entrance on a wall and then walking through it.

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    Yeah, or a little bit like this film,

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