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Thread: See underneath layer on spinner

  1. Cool See underneath layer on spinner

    I am still using Vegas 9 Trial. I have a movie on the lower track. Above it is a still on which I have used event pan/crop so it starts zoomed in close and spins whilst zooming out to fill the frame at normal size and the right way up so it covers the enitre movie screen.

    The still is the same size as the video (720x576) but as it approaches the end of its spin, you can see the underlying video around the edges. (If I haven't explained that well: imagine having two postcards one on top of the other and slightly rotating the top one and you will see the corners of the bottom one.)

    To overcome this I have put a video track above the movie clip and below the still picture and at the appropriate point used solid colour black from Media Generators (because the still's background is black) to fill the frame and hide out the corners of the video.

    Now it all works fine on Vegas preview, but once it is rendered, the corners of the lower track are still visible as if the middle track was not there.

    Have I missed something?



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    Have you tried right clicking in the pan crop window and choosing the "match output size" button?

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    Thanks for your reply TerryE. The computer with the software on has just died and so I cannot try your suggestion until it is fixed.

    However, as I understand it match output size will resize the picture - except that (1) the picture is already the right size, (2) it is zooming out and if that command keeps the frame filled irrespective of the picture's orientation, then it will do strange things with the zoom!

    If you mean click the middle track where the plain black is then it it may be worth a try, though it is my understanding that the media generators create items the right size.

    I guess I could always create an image file of the right size that is just black?

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