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    Hi All,

    I am just starting out in this field and have come up with an idea for a short film which I have started on, I've done most of the script but still rough.
    I have a 10 second clip, the background is an image but will be video footage in the end, I just wanted to see how things could turn out.

    Ship was modelled in lightwave and imported with the shadow into AE where I added the dust.

    Anyway let me know good and bad as I am still learning the ropes.



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    Looked pretty good to my untrained eye.
    Shadow looked naturral.
    Far too much dust for that type of surface (we don't know what your anticipated surface will be so it may well be OK)

    I appreciate this is only a mockup background, but why did it shake? I'd expect a still to be ... well, still!

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    The side and tail fin are too dark for me, is that meant to be shadow or is the ship just painted black on those parts? Forget about the dust, vehicles such as those are propelled from the rear not from underneath, put some haze at the back of the ship to act as heat coming from rockets if you want to but definitely lose the 'twister' on the road. Everything is moving up and down for effects shots like these you need a tripod and it has to be rock steady. I appreciate this is only a mock up but you have a lot of work ahead of you when it comes to getting 3d models to blend realistically into a live background plate.

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the feedback, it's all been taken on board.

    TimStannard: the picture was shaking due to an expression I'd put into AE and forgot to take it out, just messing with settings.

    Nikosony: yes I totally agree with the twister underneath, I'm looking into the haze from the back of the ship, yes your right a lot of work, it wasn't as easy as I thought.
    I have taken some video footage today of the same street and tried to render the craft into that, wow it is so hard to get everything in place and stay relative to the film. Luckily I only rendered the CGI in low res.
    I feel this short film will take a long time to do and a lot of tutorials to read.

    Still onwards and upwards, nobody said it would be easy.

    Cheers all


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