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Thread: Chacopocalypse! - Short Film

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    What happens when two candy salesmen fight for their lives? Watch and find out!

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    Lots to like about this film.
    I thought the colouring was excellent.
    The muzzle flashes were well done and the granade explosion was OK.
    I liked the change of POV after the explosion.
    And the ending, whilst fairly obvious, was well executed.
    The acting was good - you looked like you meant it (essential in comedy of this sort)
    Well matched sound tracks (I particularly liked the "sitcom" used at the begining and end - where did you get that from?

    But (and there has to be a but or you would't be asking for criticism here)
    The wobbly handheld camera work was overused. It ceased to add excitement and become an annoyance almost immediately. Use it in fewer shots and reduce the amount of shake.
    The action scene was shot without any real continuity of action. Whilst it's OK to throw the audience occasionaly for deliberate confusion, we generally need to know where each actor is in relation to the other. In it's very simplest form this means one actor facing right, the other facing left - if you're going to change that you should SHOW the change (eg have a shot of the actor facing left turning so he's facing right, or track the camera around one actor or even do it via a "neutral" - straight on close up or something)

    Just a couple of things to think about...

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    I liked it a lot, but it seemed to go on for a while
    great music and concept, a little less shaky camera would have helped, and I agree with the other guy on the showing both the actors in relation to each other, that would have really helped

    but overall it was great
    good work

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    Very entertaining, certainly had be searching your tube channel.

    I once worked with some directors (brothers, very famous now) and I remember them saying way back in 1999 'if it's got a trigger it's cool'.

    Very cool video.

    I liked the music.

    I liked the chocolate.

    I liked the end.

    Maybe it's a bit long, could it be squeezed into 2.5 mins..?
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Haha, I really enjoyed that!
    The shaky camera did get irritating quickly though.

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    I love this video, classic! The funny part is when they bring out M16 from the small box.LOL! BTW, all guns looks really real.

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    very entertaining...

    Pretty much agree with most of what's been said...

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