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Thread: Two People Die For Nothing

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    Hey Folks!

    This is a video that two friends and I made for a school project. We used Adobe After Effects and it took an entire weekend's work to finish the editing. Hopefully you like it!
    All comments are welcome, but if you have a lot of negative things to say, please post it here and not on the comments

    Also, please feel free to post a link to blogs, friends, etc. I'm trying to get a lot of views for this.

    Thanks, and enjoy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cbeppe View Post
    All comments are welcome, but if you have a lot of negative things to say, please post it here and not on the Youtube comments
    Congratulations of having read the guidelines for this forum before posting. A simple polite request like this makes a welcome change.

    (All we ask in return is you comment on a few others' films)


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    Thanks TimStannard, but I guess it's just that I'm such a nice guy

    Still awaiting comments though, both here and on Youtube

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    Too funny!

    Nice work guys, i know how hard it is to organise your friends when doing a project like this. You've done well, tho a tripod would have made a huge difference and a couple of the transitions were a bit abrupt.
    But all in all it looked like you had some fun. Keep it up!

    btw, i can't believe you got footage shot through the scope, that would have been difficult.
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    very good, well thought out story line. It had me engaged which most YouTube type video productions fail to do. Some transitions were flaky but you can hold your heads high on this
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    I thought it was ok. Maybe it's just me, but,.. I had some difficulty following what was going on. After the "sniper" with the long rifle kills the guy, where did the guy in the grey shirt come from, and who was he? I wasn't following it. Beyond that, it was ok, Watchable,.. though I feel a number of shots had waaay too much headroom. Especially the first few shots. Would have been nicer if it was tighter. But I totally agree with benjo, as I also know how hard it is to get your friends to pull off something like this. Kudos to you for that! And the bloopers at the end were hilarious!!

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