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Thread: Added lens flare can't delete it

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    Default Added lens flare can't delete it

    I added a lens flare and cannot figure out how to delete it. I have clicked on the time line and media file and nothing shows a video FX of lens flare. I am using Vegas 9 pro.

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    Maybe you are not seeing the "Event Buttons", one of these being the FX control, So:-

    GO: View | Event Buttons check

    Go back to the Event and click on the "Event FX" which is located at the far right edge of the Event. Once you have the FX Menu up just delete "Lens Flare Fx" from your chain.

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    View event buttons is checked. Everything I try is showing no plug-in in chains.

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    I found it. It was a track FX. Button on the left side. Thanks for the help.

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    Read thru' the thread I linked to. It explains where you might have added the FX, and consequently just where you need to delete it. Have a look at the Track Header too.

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