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Thread: my first music video -nikon d90

  1. Default my first music video -nikon d90

    hope you guys take the time and check it out

    [ame=""]keygrip, if i could (you know i would) shot with Nikon D90 and Lensbaby on Vimeo[/ame]

    please let me know what you think of it-honestly.
    your comments are highly appreciated.
    thanks for looking.
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    nicely shot mike, very pro looking

    cant believe 40 odd people have viewed this and no comments

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    thanks enc!

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    Very nicely done, you certainly have the music genre nailed down pretty much. Just a few technical points I saw in the video, you move the camera from the face to the lead singer to the left and then down but it seems like you are undecided about what direction to go in? Is that a finger or part of someones hand coming in from the right side later in the video? Maybe a little bit too much use of the Lensbaby which does a great job by the way, but perhaps you need to ease back on it. Maybe a bit more visual variety, in a music video you can go a bit mad with things compared to other genres, a few outdoor shots, maybe a pretty girl next time?

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    thanks for the pointers Nikosony. I agree - there is definitely room for improvement-and yeah, a bit overused, the lensbaby. I have learned alot shooting this video, aware of what I did wrong and what works. will try to iron it out on the nxt one.

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    I agree with Nikosony on this one. I eagerly anticipated another Mike Kobal video, but I was to some extent dissapointed. You drew the viewers attention to something, and yet you decided it wasn't what we should really see. This happened again and again and I soon lost interest and clicked stop. This despite me wanting to listen to the music. Harsh comments from an amateur, I know. But I'm also a viewer. And I've seen your other work. You have a great eye, but this one passed me by.

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    thanks marc peters, of course I want to hear the negative also, will try to improve on the next one

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    Thumbs up

    Greetings :.)

    I like the look of it, I think it really suits the music. If it had too much going on you would lose the dreamy sense that the song brings.


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    thanks purplequavers

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    I liked it. Good job!
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