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Thread: Cant get audio in Vegas

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    Default Cant get audio in Vegas

    I cant get my audio to work in Vegas. The video plays fine. Ive just purchased a JVC Everio HDD camcorder (this is my second, the first was HD and my system wasnt powerful enough) and it creates .MOD files. The videos play fine in the provided software and when I change the extension to .mpg they work in Windows media player with no problem. Now I didnt capture the video via Vegas because it doesnt see the camera via USB so I backed-up the video using the JVC software and then imported the media. So, is there a Vegas setting Im missing? Or will Vegas not accept .MOD file audio? Is there a way to import straight into Vegas using USB? I know the HD cam I had used the AVCHD and it imported fine. Oh, there is no option for Firewire with this cam either. Im using Vegas Movie Studio 9. Thanks in advance.

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    Probably a codec issues do a search as it been asked before

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    I thought that could be it but I just loaded a codec pack the other day trying to figure out the HD camera (it was my system not being powerful enough). I can convert the file to WMV using the JVC software and Vegas then gets both audio and video but the quality is horrible. Im trying to use Vegas only to edit and convert to limit the video quality loss.

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    Do you have the latest update to VMS9 installed?

    I don't own a JVC Everio but I'm guessing that .MOD files contain AC3 audio. I used to have this issue trying to used MPEG2 files with Vegas Pro 8.0a. It was much improved in 8.0b and I haven't had any problems at all with 8.0c.

    Here's an extract from the release notes for VMS9.0b:

    Fixed a bug that prevented Vegas Movie Studio from opening the audio streams of MPEG-2 files that use stereo AC-3 encoding.

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    As far as importing the file - I borrowed one of those Eviros' recently (and hated it! - the hard drive crashed with any loud sound!) - anyway, I digress - I simply browsed to the cameras' drive, moved the files onto my drive and edited from there. No issues at all. That's with Vegas 8

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    Thanks for the inputs. I will check for an update to Vegas, maybe an AC3 add on if I need too and try to just drag and drop the files instead of using the JVC software to back them up to the PC. I am growing less fond of the JVC cams and may just go back to mini-dv if I continue with these issues. The JVC is small, portable and easy to use (especially for the kids) but so far not worth the time with their insane recording format. Thanks again.

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    The update was the problem. I updated Vegas to the newest version that supports AC3 and bingo! Thanks everyone for your help.

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    That is good news, on the pro version you still cannot drag an ac3 file made by Vegas back onto the time line....arg

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