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    Smile Word Soup 2

    The second episode in my 'Word Soup' series. Comedy video where Matt has a condition where he thinks one thing but says another (based on a real condition called thought process disorder).

    This episode : Lasers and Stalking
    [ame=]YouTube - Word Soup #2[/ame]

    This video has some of the shots from my recent 'Shoot you : lasers' vid.

    I hope you enjoy.

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    I thought it was pretty good.. I like the diffrent angles and stots.. quick tight edits from scene to scene.. good pace. Audio seemed pretty good.. A little shaky in the car but thats to be expected

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    I liked, but at times it seemed your actions went with what you were actually saying rather than what you meant to say. It therefore made me think you wanted to say those words rather than them coming out unintended.

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    True, sometimes the inclination in my tone of voice is a bit off. I should really learn to script it rather than ad-lib. But I kinda lose some of the spontaneity.

    I've already got footage in the can for word soup 3. So maybe I'll do a bit more planning for #4

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    I like it. Thought ep. 1 had the edge, with the narration. And kudos for so much ad-lib.

    Can't wait for ep. 3

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    This is one of those films where I liked the idea far better than the execution. I couldn't put my finger on what was "wrong" with it when I first watched it, but having subsequently read Marc's comment I think he's spot on....

    It's not just the intonation, it's the whole body language thing.

    Watch Stanly Unwin (showing my age). Talks gibberish but because of the intonation and mannerisms it's totally understandable.

    Your concept simply takes this one stage further - the words aren't gibberish, they're real words but totally meaningless - and has the potential to be much funnier (than Unwin)

    Fantastic if you ad libbed all that stuff - but I'm sure it would be impossible to adlib meaningless words yet still give the mannerrisms for what the character means to say.

    If you don't want to spoil the creativity of doing it ad lib, then simply ad lib to get the meaningless words, then film using those words as you script whilst "thinking" (or more accurately acting) the lines the character is meant to say.

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    Yes definitely I'm beginning to see the light on this one. Like I said , I've already got lots of stuff filmed for an episode 3 (all around London - yes I had some weird looks).

    But I'm going to plan and script more for #4. Whenever I get around to it.

    Thanks for your comments.

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