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    Been experimenting with Chroma key and so far I am not very pleased with the results. I am using a JVC GR-870U Mini DV camcorder to shoot the footage and Premier Pro CS3 for the editing.

    The video looks pixalted around the edges of my subject and I am not sure why it looks so crappy? I have good lighting and chroma key material. I researched to make sure I bought the right stuff and I was doing it correctly.

    The footage does look a bit fuzzy, I am wondering if I need a better camera like a GL2 or Panasonic DVX100B..

    Any suggestions?

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    Ok, after rendering the footage it looks much better. I think previewing in Ram (Pre-rendering) is why is looks so bad. It's an older Pentium 4 with a 2/3's full hard drive and 2 gigs of ram.

    Might be time to upgrade..

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    Also make sure you have the shot set up right, subject in front of the screen 3 or 4 feel, wrinkle free, evenly lit etc..

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    So many variables need to be 'right' for chromakeying to work perfectly. The material has to be smooth, the lighting has to be even, the talent or whatever is in front has to be far enough away to avoid throwing a shadow onto the screen and not to get any colour spill.

    The talent/foreground object has to be lit correctly aswell, the type of camcorder you use and how much compression it puts on the image may give rise to more pixellation than some other types. Rendering at preview quality or lower quality may show up pixels or blockiness but as you found out, when you change the quality of playback the blockiness around the edge goes away. So there is a list of items you have to check off and get right to obtain the best key you can.

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