First off I have to. That I bought this set as well as all his other instructional videos. I'm not being paid for this and I'm not getting anything in return. Now on to the review!!

This set is on 3 dvds, keep in mind this set is not professionally replicated and pressed its done on what appears to be a set top dvd recorder. most likely these were originally on VHS and transferred over. Even with that the information in this set is remarkable. I can say enough about John Cooksey's knowledge on video and lighting. He not only shows you step by step how to light with professional gear he then shows you how to cheat and get the same effect from everyday items. I'm not going to go into detail on what hell tells you and shows you, you'll have to visit his link and order the set for $70 to find that out. I know you'll be more then happy with this set. It was the best investment I ever made.. So go get the 3 disc set. you wont be sorry you did..

[ame=]YouTube - Review of Elite Videos: Digital Lighting Magic Videos on 3 DVDs[/ame]