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Thread: Advice on lead connections please......

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    Default Advice on lead connections please......

    I'm one day away from dipping my toe in the ocean of video editing and being a non-swimmer need some help !!!

    I've bought a VIVO graphics card which came with some leads (an AV cable, an S video cable and a VIVO cable. The trouble is I can't see anywhere on the back of my VCR that can accomodate any of these leads.

    The VCR model is a Sharp VC-MH75HM and is only 2 months old but the only ports on the back are

    Line 1 In/Out Scart socket
    Line 2 In/Decoder Scart socket
    Right and Left audio out sockets
    Aerial IN socket
    Aerial OUT socket.

    None of the cables that came with the graphics/video card consist of a SCART plug and that is the only way to my thinking that I could send any signals out of my VCR to my PC.

    Would I need to buy a special Scart lead which will connect to the cables supplied with the graphics card ?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated !


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    scart - svideo converter. should be about a fiver or something.

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