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Thread: MPEG 2 compression problem

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    Hi, I was wondering if someone could please give me some advice on MPEG encoding in Premiere Pro CS3. I'm using the standard MPEG 2 DVD when exporting my movie (which is made up of PNGs 1024 x 576), the problem is its just compressing my movie way too much.
    Even when I shrink down a single PNG image to 720 by 405 they still don't look as bad as when converted to MPEG format. Even when I export it to MOV from Aftereffects its still not as compressed, but i need to keep the MPEG format for a DVD.
    My movie is only 1 min 40 sec,roughly 50mb I've got 2 other things to go on the DVD which come to about 800mb all up, so I've still got 3.9gb unused which I'd rather use to maximise the resolution of my movie.
    I could increase bit rate but apparently most DVD players can't handle higher than 9, surely there must be some way i can get better picture quality?

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    DON'T convert anything to MPEG 2 until you've got your uncompressed master, you get compressed copies of the master, you don't do your whole project with compressed footage as it will get worse and worse.

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    Sorry what format should my uncompressed master be in? I've got uncompressed PNGs which i convert to MPEG2

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