Greetings, im looking for some advice on software for diffrent types of editing in search for that perfect platform. I am going to list some programs or techniqes and if any of you would take the time to give advice of similar or more powerful similar programs id be very grateful.

Image and Video resize programs

Most packages have some built in function for this, more or less advanced. I realize that logic prevents scaling up material will never be perfect, but is there any program that does it alittle better, or that specialize in it. A program where you can choose diffrent algorithms for diffrent parts of a image over time etc.

Image and Video animating programs

Programs like the old Elastic Reality, wich i now think are part of the Avid Media Illusion package, is there any other software that specialzes in this kind of effects editing?. Where you can animate the surface of a digital video to create complex morphs and alterations.

Video shape and color tracking

A program that allows defining and area or color field, applying a change and then the program camera tracks and tries to trace the area. Example if you define a jacket on a walking man, and apply a color change, then the program tries to track the jacket moving in a videofile and maintaining the color change. When it inteprids the area wrong you can add a keyframe to get it back on track etc.

Im'a swede so sorry for any missspells. And thanks in advance for any advice.