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Thread: Badminton the movie!

  1. Smile Badminton the movie!

    My little brother and i made this video and i have been itching for some feedback on it.
    we filmed it with a cannon HV30

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    This is a nice video. Verry funny, nice special effect ! You look young ( no offence ) and you are pretty good in editing. Keep it up.
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    A very competent movie.
    No superfluous shots.
    Well framed.
    Appropriate music.
    Well edited.
    Accurate keyframing.
    A good mix of camera angles & wide/close-up shots.
    And a pretty good script - you've got good eyes/ears for cliché.
    What more can I say?
    Well done!

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    They all said it well. it was a very good video.. I just got the HV30 my self. You made a good choice in camera.. One thing Id mention is the aspect ratio.. The HV30 is a widescreen camera I ran into the black bars top and bottom. I'd look at the capture settings or render settings you have..

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    When is this coming out? Looks like my kind of movie!

    Good work guys!
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