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Thread: disabled a clip with some weird key stroke.

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    Default disabled a clip with some weird key stroke.

    Hi - new person here.

    So, I have a few clips in the timeline, and suddenly one of the clips shows up as only a black screen in preview. It worked a few minutes ago, and other clips from the same video file also work. I noticed that the background of the clip (on the timeline) is pink, where other clips are white. Rather then being a codec issue, I think I just hit a key or something that black-screens the clip?? Any ideas?

    EDIT - I should have searched on "pink" first, sorry. Clip was transitioned w/ another and after moving I guess it disables. Fixed by Right Click -> Synchronize -> By moving.

    All better now!
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    Make sure you haven't the "Ignore Event Grouping" Icon engaged.

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