Hi to all, beware:film-making novice at large...

In addition to some clips (miniDV), I want to scan some images into Photoshop, animate them in ImageReady and edit them all in Premiere. Problem is I need to meet the specifications of the comp (submitted on DVD for transfer to film for cinema viewing).

The comp rules state digital formats should have I-Frames and be of a high quality res of 25Mbits/sec or above. must also be PAL, 16:9, 25fps and can be 'DV25 200MB/min, DV50 400MB/min or uncompressed Quicktime.
Altho' I've done projects for tv playback and web, the idea of increasing to cinema screen size is baffling me. I usually work in very high res images for print, but should I now use 72dpi for my images as for any screen, ie fixed ? And would the DV-PAL widescreen 48khz preset in Premiere be ok?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Comp details are at Welcome ? Virgin Media Shorts if anyone was interested.