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    This is the first green screen video we've done in a while for an up-and-coming artist called Tayshan. The song was only 90 seconds long which means we needed a quick, punchy idea. I would really be interested in hearing your thoughts, especially when the image breaks down half way though (you'll see what I mean!)



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    I really liked the vintage TV theme black and white.

    Great production values and interesting to watch considering the near repeated scenes, then again it's a music clip so thats allowed.

    5 youtube stars. ( I don't do stars here as I get bashed for doing so) this will ensure someone else will give it stars, I will lay money on it..!
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    Thanks Leo. The video took only 2 hours to shoot (the shortest music video shoot I have been involved in by far!). Of course the edit took a bit longer!
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    2 hours.. time is money..

    Where did you pull the artwork of the old TV sets..?
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    I can't stand the music (just my personal taste), however the video was fantastic and suited it very well.

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    Thanks for taking the time to check it out both of you!

    The sets were from stills we had taken. We have an idea for another video involving loads of old TV's (nothing like this one mind you).

    I actually don't mind this track myself even though I listen to very little urban music. Just putting the finishing touches on another video which is completely different to this! Its nice to have a bit of variety!
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    Bloody Marvellous! What a great vid. What you've done where the image breaks down is absoulutely right as it is. Leave it. Move on.

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    Cheers Tim! Glad you liked the break down. The artist didn't know we had done that until he watched the first time. A bit risky I guess but it paid off because he loved it.
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    Very creative, I like the effects, not my type of music but the video was well done

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    Good stuff fingercuff, really like that

    like the dancing on top of three tellys bit the best

    also like the break down though think it may be lost on the "youf"

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